Same Sex Marriage

same sex marriageSame sex marriage is legal in Oregon and Washington and in 18 other states as of 2014.  Dissolutions of same sex marriages have unique issues.  There may be issues relating to children of the same sex marriage that were created with artificial reproductive technologies.  Issues include what to do with remaining genetic material, and whether both parents are protected under the law as equal parents to the child.  Spousal support for one of the parties in a same sex marriage could be affected by the length of the cohabitation prior to being able to be legally married.  The division of assets and debts could also be affected by the length of the cohabitation prior to being legally married.

Same sex domestic partnerships were instituted in Oregon in February 2008.  Because Domestic Partnerships in Oregon are legally binding contracts, they must be dissolved by a procedure similar to a divorce.  Some of these couples may have later entered into a marriage,or they may be dissolving the domestic partnership they created.

The dissolution of same sex marriages and domestic partnerships, or just the end of a cohabitation between same sex couples carries with it many rights and responsibilities under Oregon and Washington law.



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