Many of our clients want the certainty of knowing how much their matter will cost. Therefore, we offer a fixed fee option. At the start of your matter, we are able to quote you a fixed fee for the first portion of the work we will need to do for you. As your matter progresses, we can quote you a fixed fee for the next segment and so on. Segments might include such things as: preparing documents for a hearing on temporary matters and going to the hearing, gathering and organizing discovery and preparing a spreadsheet of Assets and Liabilities, or, preparing for and going through mediation. We want you to have the peace of mind of knowing what the cost will be in advance of the work performed. The fixed fee for the segment is then paid prior to beginning the work on that segment.

Our firm offers fees based upon the traditional model of depositing a retainer at the beginning of your case and billing by the hour for the attorney time or legal assistant time. Laura Schantz currently bills at an hourly rate of $350, whether acting as an attorney or a divorce mediator. Annalise Lang currently bills at an hourly rate of $275.  Chris Fanning currently bills at an hourly rate of $275. Our paralegals currently bill at an hourly rate of $175. We work as a team at the firm so that we utilize both paralegals and attorneys on your case to keep your costs down as much as possible. A retainer will be quoted to you at the Initial Planning Session, based on your unique situation.

We offer a flat fee for an uncontested divorce at $3,000. This includes the filing fee and all paperwork involved to draft the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage and other required documents as well as to prepare the General Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage and other required documents. “Uncontested” means that you and your spouse have reached a complete agreement and we are only drafting the paperwork for you.