Life Coaching

Wrapping Up Your Case/Life CoachingToward the end of your divorce case, you will be feeling a whole lot better than you were. Divorce is a big life changing experience. It tosses you out of your comfort zone and forces you to start anew. It challenges you to reexamine your life, your values and what makes you happy. At the end of your case, we want to send you on your way with some direction. You and only you are responsible for building your new beautiful life. You can make your life any way you want it to be.

As we send you forth at the end of your divorce or other family law matter, we want to complete your case with some life coaching. Life coaching is a way to help you define and achieve your goals. Life coaching helps you design and live your ideal life. The successful outcome of your case is important to us, but also that you leave on a path to more success. Because we have become acquainted with you over the course of your case we are in a unique position to observe you, support you, and to help you identify ways to improve your performance in your life. This will not add more fees to your bill, it is just a way to leave you in a great place as we end our relationship with you focused on the beautiful life you are going to build for yourself!