Collaborative Law

Most divorcing parties and attorneys like the idea of making divorce or other family law matters more peaceful. The collaborative process involves a free flow of communication between the parties and a hope that each party can acknowledge what is important to the other party in the process of negotiations. Family law cases that are settled out of court with the parties treating each other with respect and dignity through the process are much less stressful and harmful to the parties and their children in the long run.

Collaborative Law has been growing in the past few years. The rules of a pure collaborative law case include the attorneys and clients signing a contract with each other that they agree not to go court. Therefore, if a settlement is not reached, the parties have to hire different attorneys to go to trial for them. In addition, collaborative law may include the two attorneys and the clients working together and hiring other “specialists” to assist in the settlement process. Again, it can be expensive to have a team helping you with your divorce. However, it can also be a beneficial process.

We will assist you in using the best method for resolving your case whether you choose to use a pure collaborative law model or a modified model.


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