Child Support

Oregon has an online child support calculator which calculates guideline child support in your specific case. The calculator has been reworked to be “user friendly” so that the average person can use the calculator and not just attorneys. Above is a link to the calculator. If you have questions regarding how to run the calculator, feel free to contact us to ask.

Although parties are free to reach agreements about child support that vary from the guidelines, the guideline child support calculation must be attached to all child support orders, and if there is a deviation from the calculation, the order must contain the reasons for the variance.

Several factors are programmed into the calculator:

  • Gross monthly incomes of both parties
  • Any spousal support paid to one party by the other party
  • The number of children
  • The number of annual overnights with the children for each party
  • Any other children that are “nonjoint” children of each party
  • The monthly cost of daycare
  • The monthly cost of health insurance

We will take care to work out the best solution for child support in your family law case. The factors above can be looked at carefully from a variety of different perspectives based upon our experience and knowledge. Even though there is a set guideline child support calculator, you will be surprised at the variety of solutions we can find to assist you in resolving the issue of child support.


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